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Loose Bruce Kerr's Parody/Original Song Podcast

Loose Bruce Kerr's original & parody/satire podcast site for Bruce's latest & legacy audio MP3s and video MP4 performances, videos always with live vocal (& guitar, if used) against Bruce's background tracks recorded by him 1 vocal and 1 instrument at a time, to produce a finished song and/or video.

Mar 31, 2008

"OY, THE WORDS HE HURLED," by Loose Bruce Kerr about Rev. Jeremiah Wright & Barak Obama, to the tune of 3 Dog Night's "Joy To the World" is Loose Bruce Kerr's latest VIDEO parody about the vitriolic statements of the presidential hopeful's personal choice of preacher for 2 decades. See, also, Bruce's videos here on this podcast site as well as by searching on <loose bruce kerr> on YouTube.   After retiring from over 2 decades of performing and writing full-time, Bruce continues to record audios and videos of his parodies and originals in his garage while holding down his day job as a high-tech lawyer for Sun Microsystems in Northern California's Silicon Valley. Bruce is often heard on the Dr. Demento nationally syndicated radio show. email Bruce at <>

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over ten years ago

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