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Loose Bruce Kerr's Parody/Original Song Podcast

Loose Bruce Kerr's original & parody/satire podcast site for Bruce's latest & legacy audio MP3s and video MP4 performances, videos always with live vocal (& guitar, if used) against Bruce's background tracks recorded by him 1 vocal and 1 instrument at a time, to produce a finished song and/or video.

Sep 30, 2018

Here's Loose Bruce Kerr's latest song parody, to the tune of the 1909 Yale University song, "The Whiffenpoof Song."

It is, of course, about the current Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and his recent U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee appearance wherein he nearly waxed poetic about his love of beer from his high school days on. Some of his Yale acquaintances are saying that love was over the top.

The Yale drinking song here becomes a vehicle for Kavanaugh and his buddies to fondly look back when that drinking included ralphing (you know) and boofing (you may not know: it's consumption of alcohol or whatever "on the back end").

Bruce Kerr is an attorney working at Oracle in Rocklin, California. He was Assistant General Counsel at Sun Microsystems and before that, had a 20 year career writing & performing music across the country and Caribbean. His songs have been heard over 100 times on the Doctor Demento Show. He's also heard on the Jim Bohannon Show on radio and internet. He now lives in Roseville, California with his wife, Linda, who edits his song lyrics, including this one.