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Loose Bruce Kerr's Parody/Original Song Podcast

Loose Bruce Kerr's original & parody/satire podcast site for Bruce's latest & legacy audio MP3s and video MP4 performances, videos always with live vocal (& guitar, if used) against Bruce's background tracks recorded by him 1 vocal and 1 instrument at a time, to produce a finished song and/or video.

May 11, 2020

"HEAD FOR THE HILLS" is Loose Bruce Kerr's latest song, a post-pandemic one and an original that takes its flavor from the 1920's songs his parents taught him growing up in Wisconsin.

Bruce plays the uke he learned on and inherited from his father, Ken (a Martin uke). His mother sang 20's & 30's songs while cooking and his dad played uke and whistled (he wouldn't sing!).

Enjoy! We WILL get there...