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Loose Bruce Kerr's Parody/Original Song Podcast

Loose Bruce Kerr's original & parody/satire podcast site for Bruce's latest & legacy audio MP3s and video MP4 performances, videos always with live vocal (& guitar, if used) against Bruce's background tracks recorded by him 1 vocal and 1 instrument at a time, to produce a finished song and/or video.

Mar 22, 2006

Loose Bruce Kerr's live garage music VIDEO performance of the song featured on the Jim Bohannon show on nationally syndicated radio. Bruce's parody of the 1960's Otis Redding classic of somewhat similar title addresses the controversy surrounding the proposed management of U.S. ports by Dubai Ports World of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Bruce uses his stereo background parts he records one instrument/vocal at a time to back up his live lead vocal and guitar performance on the video. Bruce is also an attorney for Sun Microsystems in California's Silicon Valley. Listen/download the full stereo mp3 in high fidelity in another entry down below this one. Copyright 2006 Broken Records & Marjorie Music Publ. (BMI)